I'm reeling the tape of summer memories backwards in my mind, slowly relishing each note in the now quiet September day. It is very possible that these past few months have been amongst the best of my life. Perhaps it's because the boys are getting older, and with that our day-to-day life is much lighter. I also believe I must note that their current ages: 9 and 7 are so stinking amazing and fun. You know I would push life's pause button, if only. Perhaps it is because my heart has shifted and changed so much this past year. And maybe, and maybe... 

If I'm learning anything it is to stop myself from breaking everything into a million pieces. To say with fine gratitude, it was delicious. All of it was just delicious. That is enough.

A list of reads I devoured and loved this summer:

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  1. Oh my, your boys! They are looking so grown up now. Just clicked over to your Spotify list and it kicked off with Willie. Be. Still. My. Heart.