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My son's 6th birthday was yesterday. For his first birthday I made Smitten Kitchen's recipe for peach cupcakes with brown sugar frosting. I looked back through photographs to confirm what I thought was true: I've made this recipe for his birthday ever since he was one year old, his now consistent request. Funny too, how for his first birthday I made these cute little flag toppers for each cupcake, surely staying awake far too long the night before the party to create such a cute little scene for a big gathering. Parenting over the years has certainly taught me that less is almost always more.
Yesterday's messily frosted and wonderfully delicious cupcakes were more or less tossed in a plastic container and placed atop ice cubes in a cooler and hauled off to the pool, where we gathered with just our family and one (!) of his friends. It was a lovely day, a lovely way to say, Hello 6! 

Recipe adaptations: I use two or three non-peeled peaches. I cut the frosting recipe in half, as over the years I've found the full batch to be too much, and I substitute vanilla paste for vanilla extract in the frosting for a richer (and prettier) taste.

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This artist and her shop. Still trying to decide on a wall hanging and a necklace. I love them all!
This perfume from this local company that I discovered last week. If you're local, Marcella's in Lowry carries the line.


  1. I do believe you once told me that you thought baby/toddler birthday parties were an excuse for adults to have a party. I thought that was very astute; and I'm thinking about it as I imagine you making little cupcake flags 5 years ago. ;) Happy Birthday, Sully!

    1. Sounds right! ;) I wouldn't change a thing, but I am glad to have moved past complicating simple things. xx