...what did it mean to fervently, wholeheartedly name a desire?  May you feel protected and safe.  To speak out of a deep yearning - to set that yearning loose in the world?  May you feel contented and pleased.  Could a wish be a less fraught word for a prayer?  May your physical body support you with strength.  Maybe it wasn't about who, if anyone, was on the other end, listening.  Maybe faith had to do with holding up one end of the dialogue.  May your life unfold smoothly, with ease.

- Dani Shapiro, from Devotion


  1. Loveliness, as always.
    Been meaning to ask: do you know of a good book (or on-line classes) for fledgling lifestyle/portrait photographers? Some friends want me to photograph them and I am used to taking advantage of good light in candid situations; I am not accustomed to creating the situation myself!