Lingering at Union Station, and Links

We have settled into this new season.  It is threads of golden light.  Apples with a breath of cinnamon rest low and slow on the stove top.  Every few days, I gather the end-of-season heirlooms from the garden, now for roasting and a touch of warmth as the sun fades.  Everything with a pinch of spiced pumpkin seeds.  At days end, we settle down and let the night unfold around us, blanket us.

In between school and work and other goings-on, we've been trying to get out for short hikes.  And this past weekend, we finally made it to our newly renovated Union Station.  Lingering, long lunch, a strong latte and ice cream, some light shopping.  Who would've thought it would be an afternoon the whole family loved? This will now be one of our spots to enjoy a slow Sunday afternoon.  If you're local, go!  If you're visiting Denver, go!  You will love it.

And because this post is just an unstructured smattering of this and that, I'll share some of my recent favorites.

Recently read and loved:


The Kitchen Diaries:  A year in the kitchen with Nigel Slater  (I kept this cookbook from the library for nine weeks and tried many of the recipes.  I finally bought my own copy.)

Recipes I've recently made and loved:


  1. Ohhh. Great tip! We've been to Union Station, but not inside. I'm adding it to our list!

  2. Who'd of thought a station would be a good place to hang out. It looks beautiful in your photos. I can see why it is a place to linger.........