Pasta, Glaze, and Muffins. Spring Recipes

I was in a bit of a cooking and baking rut.  Braised, roasted, soups, apples, potatoes.  Tired.  This past week I bought pounds of strawberries and my second bag of Meyer lemons.  I bought rosemary and greens.  Suddenly my kitchen didn't feel so tired anymore.  With mostly what I had on hand, I made these three recipes, two of them more than once. 

I made this pasta - twice.  I used fresh tomatoes and instead of using broccoli, which I did not have on hand, I tossed the cooked pasta mixture on top of a handful of fresh baby kale and spinach and squeezed even more fresh Meyer lemon on top.  Simple and delicious.

I made this glaze but instead of using salmon I used grilled chicken.  On the side we had wild rice and asparagus.  So good!

I've made two batches of these muffins, one batch yesterday for my neighbor and this morning I made a batch for us.  The smell of strawberries and rosemary roasting is heavenly.  I love Beth Kirby's recipes (and her gorgeous writing and photography).  I rarely change a thing she does, only this time I added a light dusting of lavender sugar to the tops of the batter before baking for a bit of crunch.  I also left out the rosemary in the batter, only using rosemary with the roasted strawberries because my kids are very weird about too many little bits of green in their food. 

All three of these recipes will be made over and over again in my kitchen, they were that good.  (And easy!)

Tonight we're trying The Pioneer Woman's grilled chicken and pineapple quesadillas.  I'm guessing they're going to be really good, as so many of her recipes are.  Off to grocery shop...

What's cooking in your kitchen these days?


  1. Gorgeous photos Katie, and now I'm just downright hungry. To tell you the truth there isn't much cooking in my kitchen lately. I'm spending more time at the kids' school than at home, and to top it off, my husband just read "Eating Animals" and it is going to change everything about the way we eat. It's a harrowing and sober look at how we get our meats :-(. Anyway, it's a good thing we live in Colorado!!!!! We are on the hunt now--so to speak--for local, humane (if that's even possible) meat sources. Please let me know if you know any!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on FB yesterday, it made my day :).
    ps.I wanted to ask, are you still having trouble getting to WWD?
    lots of love

    1. Hi MJ, You're right, we're so lucky to live in a place that puts so much focus on farm to table. Western Daughters just opened up a shop in Denver. I highly recommend checking them out. And no trouble accessing WWD anymore. I just tend to leave comments on FB because for some reason I have to do all kinds of signing in to comment on WP blogs. ;) xo

  2. Your food photos, so beautiful! (I can't photograph food--terrible evening light in the kitchen, I guess.) Funny how a shift in seasons can light a fire in your kitchen. I had a pizza in Portland that I tried to replicate tonight. (At the time, I was in the mood for salad but the flavors in this pizza were irresistible and I'm so glad I didn't go for the salad.) I made a thin crust, smeared olive oil and rubbed garlic, sprinkled a generous helping of fresh goat cheese, a little mozz, topped with thinly siced pear and toasted hazelnuts. Served with a generous (almost salad-sized) mound of balsamic-misted arugula. Oh my heaven. The heap of fresh greens on top satisfied the salad craving and oh, the pizza. Those flavors. Oh my. (It's on the dinner menu of the Deschuttes Brewery.)

    1. That pizza sounds sooooo good! I'm going to have to give it a try. I'm sure somewhere along the way I've written about the years I lived in Bend, Or. Deschuttes was a regular hangout. I also had a friend at the time who was a master brewer there, so lots of free beer. Bonus! xo