Saturday Morning Things

Saturday morning.  Cinnamon rolls baking and organic breakfast sausage sizzling on the stove top.  Latte in my cup, full.  I slept later than the kiddos this morning and came downstairs to find them curled up like cats together on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket, Saturday morning cartoons on the tv.  I kissed their sweet heads and walked past them, still marveling at the blessing of this out of the corner of my eye.  

I open the kitchen window.  Water my jade.  Home wabi-sabi.  We are on spring break now.  The whole week a blank canvas.  One big exhale for all of us.  This past week has been full of photography, which I am so very grateful for and excited about.  Wrapping up projects, starting new ones.  The world of contracts (when did I grow up?) and a totally failed attempt at creating a new photography site, an ongoing mess since the beginning of the year.  I finally came to my senses and realized that no, I cannot host what I want out of a professional website on Blogger just because it's what I know best and what's easiest for me to navigate.  So I put my big girl pants on last week and am navigating uncharted technical web territory, creating a new space, properly.  I simply close my eyes when I am positive I can't go on and imagine the land of web design being like a wave.  I let it roll over me and wait for it to pass.  I resist the urge to call technical support wanting to learn this on my own.  Then I go on.  And this is how I am building a once and for all photography website that I know I will love and be proud to give to those who invite me to photograph for them.  Business wabi-sabi.

And now for some things I'm currently loving...

This artist.  I particularly love Sweet Memory.  It's a lovely song - they all are.

Currently reading this and this.

Recently made this and thought it was delicious. 

Reading this with the boys.  The day I bought it I was having coffee with my friend.  We both laughed and shared our stories of reading it as a child (we both vividly remembered).

Wishing you and yours a beautiful week.  

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  1. how brilliant of you to approach the site building like that.
    One step after the other, trusting. And then receiving.
    The only other option is being stagnant and bummed.
    I'd rather work hard, kick and scream a little and move forward.