I'm starting this week with another kiddo home with me.  Down with low-grade fever and sore throat.  Our family health has been bad since basically the first week of January.  This winter has been brutal on us; on so many.  I've never known my own immunity to be so low.  I also had a few other health scares - I was thinking about it the other day and I've been to specialists' appointments eight times in the past six weeks.  I even went through the cardiac stress test, to which a friend of mine jokingly said, "Those tests are for old men!"

As of right now I know that my heart is very healthy.  I know that my thyroid is working like a charm.  I know that if you have curious spots on your skin you should take yourself to the dermatologist right away instead of procrastinating (for like two years).  As much of a drag as all of this sickness and scariness has been, I am grateful.  Feeling at an all-time low forced me to call for the care I truly needed.  Out-of-the-blue gripping chest pain and "pre-cancer" snapped me right into the reality that I could be doing more to take really good care.  The thought of something happening to me and my boys growing without me caused me panic attacks, a frightening first for me.


Hello no afternoon latte. (I'm really not terribly happy about that.)  Hello no more than five or ten minutes of Facebook a day.  (True. I love Facebook, but I am a very skilled procrastinator so we're really a terrible pair.)  Hi every other day walk.  Hello extra clean diet.  Yoga, I have missed you.  And this week, warmer weather and a schedule nearly completely clear means turning garden bed dirt, starting seeds indoors and peas in the ground, working my body and mind in the best possible ways for me.  Good, good stuff.  It's all around us if we're open to bringing it in.  It is so easy to let our well-being slip by, saying  I'll do that tomorrow or next week or...

A few things:
listening to this and this on repeat

And lastly, to our health.  Love and Light.


  1. Love the photos of the boys - boys are such funny little creatures. I'm so glad you've done this whole round of medical tests and are reassured of mostly good health, but making changes for even better!

  2. Sometimes it takes a doctor to get us to take care of ourselves. Just think of the self-care you'll be modeling for your boys though! No afternoon latte is a verifiable bummer, but hey yoga! I was hoping to meet yoga again myself. Hasn't happened yet. Maybe spring mornings on the upper deck?

  3. Cheers to being conscious about our health, the food we eat, the way we move, listening to our bodies. I wish I could say I was good at all that, but maybe a work in progress is the best I can muster. A mammogram and a good general physician, those are on the list this year. Wisdom is one of age's greatest gift, I hope :).