Lull (in a mostly good way)

Last night a familiar feeling came.  It inched its way inside and then I clearly saw it:  Winter's pause.  

We are cold and needy deep in our bones for warmth and longer days, but we give in now.  Outside the wind howls and snow beats against our windows with a thready pulse.  In what should be the dark of night, the light glows orange and bright.  An unsteady rest has been gnawing at me.  Just on edge.  I have learned the hard way (I am not made of winter things) to keep us right here, where the fire burns.  And when it calls out to us to put on layers and down and come do outside things, we do.

We're beating slowly and softly.  Thinking, creating, dreaming, storing.  At times I think these cold bones of mine are just crap and I long to be somewhere verdant and warm.  And then the world becomes suspended in the most beautiful frozen tones and I think this is just peace.  


Oh my, what's new...

Listening to lots of John Prine and Shelia Chandra.  In my early twenties, an old friend gave me Zen Kiss.  I used to listen to it on repeat.  I recently got it out and dusted it off - it's been many many years.  It's been my current writing music in the mornings when I am home alone.  With a toasty cup, falling snow, space for words to fall and land softly.  Her music is just lovely.

Currently reading Still Writing and loving every word.  Next three in line:  The Secret Keeper, The God of Small Things, The Signature of All Things

Best recipe I've made lately:  this one, just last night.  A friend raved about it so I gave it a try.  So easy and good.  I made a side of elbow macaroni for the little ones to go along with it.  I piled mine on top of Fritos.  We topped our bowls with a dollop of sour cream and a sprinkling of grated cheddar.  Yum!

On the healthier side, I just checked this cookbook out from the library and read it the other night, looking for some cleaner, healthier ideas.  I'm inspired and looking forward to trying many of the recipes, especially the chia seed pudding.


And lastly, to borrow some words from Dani Shapiro.  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Start again.


  1. I love these photos, Katie! So beautiful!

  2. As much as you're a warm weather gal, I LOVE seeing these white photos from you. Beautiful.

  3. Random question: did you ever consider homeschooling? If so, why? And why didn't you?

  4. Oh yes, I know you are a sun and sand seeker at heart, but you make winter look so lovely!! And Still Writing is next on my list!!!! I read the forward, loved it, and had to stop myself as I am almost finished with Goldfinch. Then I have Wind up bird chronicle and Vampire in the Lemon Grove ;). Winter is a good time to sink into reads I think :).

  5. I am number five hundred and something on the library hold list for Goldfinch. I'm never going to make it before I break down and buy it. Love winter reading. :)