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It's been so long since I did a list of links.  I thought I'd pop in today and share some of my current favorite things.

Pinterest is at the top of the list.  I confess:  I love Pinterest.  It's my downtime fav.  I make a cup of tea and relax while browsing all of my favorite things: photography, food, gardening, books, interior design, architecture and whatever else suits me in the moment.  My Eat and Drink board has become incredibly useful to me.  I pin recipes that I want to try and now when I'm at the store I can easily look up my pins on my phone and see what ingredients I need for a recipe.  I'm loving this.

I very recently read this book and was blown away.  I highly recommend.

This is our favorite new recipe.  We all loved it.  I used chicken breasts and made jasmine rice - or "sticky rice" - as my boys call it.  I have also been making these and we are all smitten.

The cold months are when I love listening to all of my old favorites like this and this and this.  I can't get enough these days.

For the holidays I'm going to try this recipe for gift giving.

I've been purging my closet and dresser drawers a little bit at a time for months now, getting rid of, well, most of my clothes.  I didn't have very much to begin with -- I don't like having a lot of stuff.  But what I did have was mostly so worn out or has not been worn since before Theo and Sully came along and no longer fits me.  Slowly, I've been rebuilding my clothing staples.  I have been loving my Pinterest board for this, too.  It's helped me keep focused and not buy impulsively. 

We are settling into what I think of as the quiet months.  Cold days and nights, crowding around the fireplace for extra warmth, candle's flicker and the smells of slow roasting this and that.  Hands folded around warm cups, marshmallows bobbing.  And so much creating.  So much creating!  And you?

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