I Am A...

I sit at my computer editing photos and look over to see him, only it's his hands I see and a Lego catalog covering most of his self.  He studies.  I am inspired.

It is Saturday morning around 7am.  I wake and hear the softest of voices coming from their room.  I find them together in Theo's top bunk with Big Bear nestled between them, playing a game.  I melt a little.

It was just yesterday and I was back on my computer editing while he watched Franklin's Soccer Adventure, his quiet-time choice.  I looked at him and left what I was doing, in need of some snugs and to smell the top of his head.  I want to smell that smell forever.  Sunlight and outside and cozy sheets and sweet, honeyed lavender.  Pure child and boy and a pulse that thumps with my own.

He hopped out of the car at school and I looked down to see his feet.  But what I really saw was life, alive and well.


  1. very sweet. a lot of following the heart going on in all the blogs I'm reading today.
    i love your new header, too.