For the last three days, Sully and I have been late to his school.  Not because we were leaving the house late, but because a certain traffic light on our route skips our turn to go, repetitively.  We pull up and wait for the green turn arrow.  The light cycles five times.  We sit.  I let the Mother-bomb drop a couple times.  I grip the steering wheel.  I sigh.  I debate turning on a red anyway; I consider just weaving into the other lane and going straight through the intersection and then whip a quick U-y.  But for some crazy reason I just sit there and continue to wait, watch the light cycle through while everyone else drives on.  For three days, frustrated.  It's become such a thing that Sully actually told Eric and Theo about it during dinner last night.  

I happen to be a lot like a quote I pinned a while ago that went something like, I never make the same mistake twice.  I make it five or six times, you know, just to be sure.  This morning I debated taking that route again, but I did.  Alas.

We pulled up to the intersection and waited at the red light.  Seconds later, first try, the green arrow.  I actually squealed out loud and pushed both of my hands up in the air, Oh yeah, oh yeah!  From my backseat driver and right-hand dude, "We DID it, Mom!" Air high-fives!  Another block down the road in his sugary voice he says, "It's the small things."

Always.  Always, it's the small things.

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  1. So, so true! I was with you in the car high fiving as well. It is the small things lest we forget. Thank you for reminding me today.