Yes, with gratitude.


I come here to this space that I have created.  For the longest time I thought of this blog as my writing practice.  The place where I hold myself accountable for showing up, typing something, hitting that gloriously, scary orange Publish button.  But over time I have come to learn the truth of this space through my words.  Yes, I write here, but this space is not so much my writing practice as it is my Gratitude Practice.  Clear and fine, my intention here is to show up and be grateful.

You know that all of my days are not filled with baked sweet treats, a clean house and a totally organized life.  You know that I have my moments when I suck at being a mom and I feel like I failed my little one's, right?  You know that even though I write little to nothing here about being a wife, I am married and rekindling a newer, stronger love with my husband after the last handful of incredibly hard years of not feeling like we had time for each other, or resented who was working full-time and who was staying home with the kids (we've each done both - work or stay home).  I don't dwell on these things in this space.  I do assume that the readers (friends) I've made here know these things about me.  When I read your beautiful writing, especially the pieces that reveal bits of your whole beautiful family and self, I still know there's more, that messy is inevitably woven into all of us...  We all have our bad days, rough seasons, faults, and fears.  But we choose (mostly) to share the good kind of strength. 

Last night I attended an event centered around local women "leaning into their careers and families."  I was invited because of this space, which never ceases to amaze me--going back to just showing up and writing, because I don't think a lot about the fact that this space gets noticed, much less that it can be considered inspiring, especially by a group of women looking to gather together more women, locally, to raise each other up. 

Even though I knew no one when I got to the restaurant last night, I puffed up my strength and motivation to step out of my comfort zone because I wholly believe in women supporting each other and succeeding.  I wanted to meet these women who live miles from me and around me, mentors, beautiful spirits.  I'm also in a place where I'm ready to grow my photography business that I've been quietly, passionately learning and building these past few years.  Accepting and believing in myself that my work is beautiful and that I--we--have what it takes to thrive and build what moves us.  And that we can't do it alone.

The evening was lovely and inspiring.  The guest speaker, a local entrepreneur (and mom and many other things!) was real and raw and moving.  In addition to speaking about local networking for small businesses, she talked about women needing to stop judging each other; to inch away from our comfort zone, and that the best learning rises up from the bottom of the failure pile.  While she spoke I continually thought of Dr. Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly that I read this summer, and the importance of laying our vulnerability down, showing up in the arena and daring greatly.  Dare Greatly!

I say Yes, with gratitude.  And I hope you'll join me.


(Writing from the heart.  This is not a sponsored post.)



  1. So well said. Yep, we keep coming back to share gratitude, to be inspired, to be a place of good in the world. Thank you for being that!!

  2. I think the reason we share mostly happy moments is that those times are what we WANT to remember, and whatever happens in life, it's the happy times that we recall with greatest strength. Yes, I can remember the bad times, but they don't have the power to hurt now, and they simply aren't important. The good times are always important and don't fade. I love your attitude, your motivation revealed in this post. Failure DOES teach us the most - not only about the subject wherein we fail, but about ourselves, about who we are and who we can become. It seems to me that as long as I've read your blog, you've laid down your vulnerability. Thanks for sharing so many thoughts that resonate within me.

  3. Yes! And I love being one of the lucky recipients of your gratitude practice. Sometimes if I'm having a particularly shitty day, I think: Is this what I'd want to see on my blog? How can we change, how can we shift the day into something more positive and memorable? It doesn't always happen. But I love the accountability of blogging, the practice of gratitude. So well said. And that group sounds amazing! And, I've had that book on my list since the last time you mentioned it. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, G. I feel the same way about your blog. :)