We Tell

In separate conversations, I ask Sully and Theo to tell me one thing about school that they think is really great.  Interestingly, each one has the same answer, "I like to work in my journal" and "Writing in my journal."  Yesterday Sully told me that a highlight of his day was writing the letter H in his journal.  Then he said he drew two alligators and rising water.  Two days ago, Theo told us a proud moment he had at school that day was when he was writing a story in his journal.  His teacher stopped at his desk to see what he was working on;  a moment that surely made him feel really good, for when he was telling us and got to this part his eyes lit up and sparkled, his dimples sunk so deep into his cheeks they must've reached and mingled with his spirit.  He tells...

I went to see Winter the dolphin.  She lives in Florida and she lost her tail in a crab trap.  Now she lives in a gigantic pool with another dolphin named Panama.  Winter has a prosthetic tail.  She's beautiful and I hope one day they can make her a pool in the real ocean.

I think about how much I love to journal, too.  Only I no longer use pencil and paper.  They only see me typing away on my computer; to them I could be doing anything.  But I am writing.  Writing about mothering them, stitching their stories along with images - each and every push and pull right into my soul, sewn in forever.  And at the end of my thread a new words rests.  Worthy.

just write.


  1. apples haven't fallen far from the tree ;-)

  2. I love this. During my years of teaching, writing was my favorite time of day, too! Your boys know what you are doing at the computer, I'm sure. =)

  3. Ohhhh love. And love that first photo to. Is that the entry from the front yard to the house? BEEEAAUTIFUL.

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    2. Thanks, C! Yep, that's our front entry gate. We live around a shared courtyard. Our front yard is actually inside of the gate. My neighbors on both sides of our house each tend to one of the raised garden beds just outside of the gate. It's lovely! xo