The Right Direction

I feel so much better since I was last here.  I want to thank you for the very heartfelt comments and emails I received.  You are beautiful people and I am lucky.

It was a gorgeous weekend.  We stayed near home and took very good care of each other, especially Sully, who wasn't feeling well.  We spent a morning slowly devouring this apple pancake along with organic chicken-apple sausages.  I wrapped up in my favorite quilt with a pumpkin latte and read while Theo and Sully were busy creating things like spiders and jet packs.  I deadheaded plants and weeded through my thoughts, throwing so many out to compost just like the spent blooms.  In the evening I read emails from both of my kiddos teachers', wonderful snippets about what they're learning right now, fun projects they're working on.  I read about Sully's class going on a hayride pulled by horses and how the kids are "filling buckets" by doing kind and thoughtful things.  Theo's class came up with an idea to make a Peace Train for kids who are being left out on the playground; a "station" on the playground where kids who are feeling lonely or left out can come to find other kids who are feeling the same way and "hitch up" like train cars to play together.   Brilliance and compassion.

I stumbled into the weekend with unsure footing.  I ended the weekend with a reset compass, pointing to all that is good.

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