Yesterday I woke up sneezing uncontrollably.  Two hours after I popped an allergy pill, I realized that what I really should've been popping was Wellness.  I didn't feel good.  Later in the day the boys wanted to go swimming.  They wanted to ride bikes to the pool.  I complied because I knew it would be easier on all of us to get out of the house, cool down in the water, pedal as much excess energy out as possible.  A minute into our ride they started bickering about who would lead the way.  I said, "Guys, you know - I don't feel good today.  I'm not up for these little fights today."  Theo looked at me so compassionately and said, "You can take the day off, Mom.  I'll take care of me and Sully."

I'm in no hurry to rush my kids away from me.  There.  

That doesn't mean that I am not exhausted all the way down to my toe bones and then some, because I am.

random photos taken around the house yesterday.


  1. I love it! Theo would be the first 6 year old I'd ask to take on such an important task.

  2. What a sweetheart. It really encourages us to continue being mothers when we see our children reflect the values we've taught them. You've done well. I hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Allergies are killing me and I am neglecting my kids because I can't keep my eyes open or my sinuses regulated :( What is the "Wellness" you mention? I am feeling so toxic with all the medicines I am taking.

    1. Hi! Wellness is a formula of herbs, vitamins and minerals.