Celebrating Sully (in photos)

When I asked Sully what kind of birthday party he wanted this year he said Superheros.  Fitting.  He also asked if his party could be at a local venue that costs a small fortune.  With all of the traveling we've been doing this summer, a party like that wasn't in the budget.  Plus, I just want to be home these days, sucking the sweet juice out of summer, what's left of it.  He wanted his friends from school - girls mostly - and a few of his closest neighbor pals.  He wanted to run through a sprinkler and do superhero moves in our backyard kiddie pool.  I wanted to make Smitten's peach cupcakes with brown sugar frsoting, the same cupcakes I made for his first birthday, the first cake he'd ever tasted.  I wanted to pick and slice cucumbers from our garden morning of and make ranch dip.  

It was a great party.  It was everything sweet I think of when I think about little one's and summertime.  

cupcake recipe here
toppers, straws, gift bag ties here


  1. Looks like a happy day!

  2. Love. I am glued to home these days too, sucking the last drops of summer.