Still and Quiet

I've been waiting for this hour.  To sit still and quiet, a cup of hot chai to savor.  The little ones are at school, the rain has momentarily paused.  Tunes flow from my computer: Gillian, Ollabelle, Emmylou, Alison.  Just a few weary days and I find myself back here, back to myself.    

This morning I woke up in the top bunk with two sweet, warm bodies draped around me.  At first I was confused - when did I come to Theo's bed?  When did Sully crawl in with us?  I lifted my head to look at the clock - 6:15am.  Theo: his face so relaxed, his cheeks deep pink and his band of freckles that runs across his nose and under his eyes, raccoon markings.  Sully: the soft roundness of his face, his hair like heavenly light, his lips shaped exactly like mine.  They stayed asleep while I studied them in a sliver of light.  These children, they make me good.

I remember now how I ended up in his bed last night.  There was thunder and lightning.  Rain tapped the widows.  He cried out, not remembering how we do storms.

just write.


  1. AnonymousMay 08, 2013

    Sometimes, those sleeps in their beds are the best sleeps we get! Lucky you to be able to snuggle those loves!! XO! L

  2. SO sweet. They are moments to cherish. And you DO cherish them so sweetly!

  3. love the photographs. i get up early just to be able to sit in the still and quiet - so good for a mama's soul.

  4. Wonderful photos. The quite of the house when all the kids are at school is something only us SAHM truly understand. Thanks for sharing. I also wanted to congratulate you on winning Top 10 Mommy Blogs of 2013

    1. Hi AoM, Thank you for stopping by, and congratulations to you too!