I take three deep breaths and two sips of coffee.  Slowly, I open his door and he pulls his covers over his head.  I slip into bed beside him and pull him close to me.  I breathe.  He breathes.  I kiss the top of his head and tell him that I didn't feel good about what just happened between us; calling me names and throwing a hard object at me makes me feel angry and scared.  I tell him that we can't act out like that but we can have these big scary feelings together.  We can hug and hold each other; we can talk about it.

Promising air is streaming in through the open windows.  I can see blue sky.  We lay wrapped up in each other a little longer; silence.  I close my eyes and inhale the smell of his hair.  My imperfect self is fully present.  I whisper to her, I love you. 

My kitchen window faces this empty land, which is only considered empty because no houses grow on it.  The other night I was washing dishes when the setting light wrapped itself around the weeds.  The beauty gripped me so strongly that I put my sponge down and grabbed my camera.  Crouching down in the overgrown grass and mounds of big red ant piles, I clicked the shutter three times.  This untamed encounter was so brief, and yet I walked away feeling a knowing so deep in my bones that it ached. 

...stone fruit, homemade ice cream, lime-drenched gin and tonics, sundresses, bare feet, rounds of friends and family, sunburst smiles, salads-fresh, dreams coming true, market walks, slow time, sprinklers, morning garden work, pool dips...

Present with gratitude.

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  1. Beautiful. Imperfectly perfect. Love.