Remember last week when I wrote about visiting the Kindergarten classes at my son's school to talk about art and photography?  Well, a few nights ago I came downstairs to pour a glass of wine after the little one's fell asleep when my husband handed me a thick stack of papers, "You're going to love this," he said.

They were thank you notes from the kids.  I stood in the kitchen and read each one, looked at each drawing.  By the time I finished looking at all of them my face was actually aching from smiling.   And here I thought I would just unwind a bit from my day and then go to bed.  What I didn't expect was to end that day so full.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Stefanie Goodson, an award winning, retired first grade teacher of 31 years.  Even though she is no longer teaching, her passion for guiding parents and caregivers to continue teaching children to learn how to read is ever strong.

Still finding herself being asked by friends and family ways to teach children how to read, as well as continuing to feed her love of teaching, she brilliantly started a literacy website:  Bloomzoom.

She wrote an ebook and shared it with me.  It was full of helpful information and I instantly knew I would be helping Stefanie spread word of her website.  She has also created an app - Spider's Lunch - for iPad users, and another literacy app is due out very soon.  The apps are for the kiddos, but the ebook (which is free!) is a tremendous resource for those of us with emerging and early readers. 

It's my hope that we can help support this outstanding work that Stefanie is doing and help her spread the word.  These kiddos are amazing and they give us so much.  Let's give it back!

Bloomzoom Info:


  1. Just had the look at the Ebook - lots of good tips, am off to check out the app - thanks