So, whatever.

I checked the weather app on my phone this morning, so hopeful that the forecast would change.  Alas, it has not.  So we ready ourselves for another blast of cold, another round of snow.  More extended winter.

I'm a tolerant one.  I try my best to accept what is and roll with it.  But right now I'm very much like, wtf?  Where is spring?

So, whatever.  I'll just keep making these pancakes (I've made them four times now since I found my way to the recipe a short time ago), bake up a strawberry tart, maybe roast a chicken sauced with freshly squeezed meyer lemons, concoct a bright and briny gin and tonic at sundown, and pretend that spring is walking along side of us.


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  1. Yes, I'm feeling...well, aggressively upset...about this weather! I can only hope the forecast is wrong and we'll get some rain instead.

    The pancakes look fabulous!

  2. oh my. sending sunshine and overly warm temps your way!
    and little boys in footie pjs...be still my heart.

  3. It's too chilly here for spring as well, but I just can not handle snow. What a bummer. Pancakes always help though!

    xox Lilly

  4. That sounds like my way of getting through extended winter. Hang in there!

  5. We are still awaiting spring here too! Can't wait to be done wit winter jackets, hats, mitts and the whole bit. :)