Fears and Dreams

Early spring seeds have been sown.  The little ones have begun slinging mud.  Now and then, I catch a glimpse of something outside and put down what I'm doing to go take a look.  A little one from a couple doors down is fanning the air with a bright pink plastic bubble wand as big as her head.  I thought it was a huge, sparkling bubble.  

We just got back from Theo's school.  Sully and I went to have lunch with him and his class.  I make a point to not just sit with Theo, but to move around from table to table and visit with all of his class friends.  I've gotten to know them from field trips, reading stories and helping with writer's workshop in the classroom.  I  do this because I can and I am so grateful for that, and because in another year I fear that Theo will probably not want me around as much.  I verbalized this thought to a teacher at the school today and he said, "No way!  He'll want you around here."  

There's a sprinkling of rain today.  The field behind our house is full of robins, slurping up wet, earthy worms.  I can't stop myself from continuously walking to the living room window to get a look at my neighbor's cherry tree.  Crystal clear raindrops dot the branches in long rows like tiny diamonds, while new buds appear to be swollen from either more new growth or water, I am not sure.  I only know that that tree looks heavenly right now, like you could whisper your most cherished dreams to it and it would kindly listen.

just write.


I wrote in the last post about Owl and Twine being chosen as one of the Top 50 Mom Blogs over at voiceBoks.  Now that I've had a chance to look at the other blogs chosen, I am honored to be recognized along with these great writers/bloggers.  Between now and April 30th, you can vote by clicking on the link below and then clicking on Owl and Twine, or in my sidebar, then click the Facebook "Like" button.  These votes are for the top 10 blogs.  I'd be honored and grateful for your support.

voiceBoks Top 50 Mom Blogs of 2013 List

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