Saturday Wild

Our weekend started with me taking Theo to the doctor.  He fell and the fall was odd.  His elbow curled under him in an un-natural way followed by the cry of real pain.  I was pretty sure it wasn't broken based on his ability to put it through every range of motion at the joint, but just in case (and fear of Friday trauma resulting in a weekend visit to the ER), I ran him in.  After a series of range of motion and palpating exams, we decided that his bone was probably not fractured.  Three days later and he's fine.

Just as we were wrapping up with the doctor she asked the boys what they were doing this weekend.  Without missing a beat, Theo proudly exclaimed, "We'll just be watching TV all day!"  The doctor did one of those closed mouth snickers, told the kiddos to have a great weekend, and left the room.  

In my mind I shouted, Oh, come on!  Seriously, Theo?!

I heard a rumor earlier in the week that Denver would be reaching almost seventy degrees by Sunday, and that on Saturday the wind would be down, the sun shining.  Eric had to work all day and I desperately wanted to spend a day outside with the little ones.  Yesterday morning I told Theo and Sully that we were going hiking.  They both screamed, ran upstairs and quickly dressed, returning back downstairs with backpacks.  Raiding the pantry, they filled their bags with snacks, grabbed and filled water bottles and put on snow boots.  I gathered my cameras and my hiking day pack.  We were off.

The day was gorgeous.  What I thought would be about an hour or two outing turned into four hours later...

We walked, laughed, gazed at the birds, shared much needed quiet time at lake's edge.  And to wrap up our adventure we drove around the park until we found the herd of buffalo, to which Theo exclaimed, "Sully, I so hope one poops in front of us!"  Giggles erupting.


  1. Giggles erupting here!! Love those boys!! Glad T's arm is ok! Talk later!! XO!! L

  2. hee why do kids shame us so! Lovely blog btw x

  3. I love the landscape you call home and how you capture it in photographs. Ha, Theo. Sounds like something Lucy would say.

  4. How wonderful to be outside like that. Poop is a common word in our home too - between the chickens, goats, dogs and baby, it seems like we are so often dealing with it.

  5. Ha ha! What is it with poop anyway?

    Gorgeous photos. I'm envious of your long outing.

  6. That looks like a perfect day outside, much better than watching TV! I don't know if I'm looking forward to real talking- they really can sell you out :) Hopefully we'll get some good weather too soon.

    xox Lilly

  7. gorgeous pictures and what an adventure!!!! Glad Theo is alright. Had a similar experience with the doctor recently with my daughter who was complaining of stomach pains. She said "it's probably from all the scary movies I watch.." Aiyai yai!!! Didn't I look like mother of the year!!

    the talk of poop still gets my 10 year old going. When does it end?