Shop Talk

It was the Winter Solstice.  We went for a walk.  Well, I walked and the little ones decided to ride their bikes "Dodge Charger Super-charged 40007" and "Porche-Ferrari", respectively.  The adventure began with me collecting hats, mittens, coats for Theo and Sully.  Once they were geared up I went upstairs to gather my own wintry accoutrements.  From downstairs Theo called up to me, "Hey Mom, we'll be in the garage tuning up our cars."  If you know Theo, then you would know the seriousness with which those words were spoken.  "Yeah, Ceo, let's go work on our cars", I heard Sully say.  As the door closed behind them every ounce of life in me opened right up.  Those boys of mine, they do that to me.

When I walked into the garage and found them muscling away, one in cowboy boots and one in safety goggles, a smile spread across my face.  With or without photos, I will remember that moment forever.  Theo spoke to Sully with a southern style sing-song twang, an intonation he reserves only for times when he wants to sound like a grown-up.  Sully spoke using as few words as he possibly could, relying heavily on body language, his way of mimicking an adult.  In all seriousness, they told me they needed a little more time to work on their cars before we could head out.  Need granted.   I just stood back and watched, amazed and thoroughly entertained.

With tuned up cars, idling imaginations, and feet ready to move onward, one way or another, we set off into the sparkling snow and light of day.  This place we're in right now, it's really really good.


  1. beautiful moment to soak in.

  2. Love the way you describe their "grown-up" voices!

  3. Are you kidding me?! This might be one of my ultimate favorites. It speaks so much as to who they are and how they navigate their days. Brothers. Melts me. So awesome. And the crossed cowboy boot pic -- priceless.

  4. Classic, little men! What a great memory, and so great that you captured it on camera.

    xox Lilly