My head is full of ideas and projects.  Mostly stuff around the house - sprucing up rooms, finding more and more to purge.  I feel this massive need to strip us back down to next to nothing.  Recently I warned my husband that I was thinking about selling some pieces of our furniture.  I do this, even though I have not done it in a long time.

Art is on my mind; a swell of creative energy forming.  I've been carrying my camera like a third-born.

I feel really good.  It's not often that I feel so aligned, which is close to perfect, which is my just right.

It's been Ben Howard radio during the day and Nina Simone radio in the night.  If it were a different time I would think smokey clove swirls, stout foam, rich love.  Now I just gladly stare at the birds, completely aware of my blessings.

Just write.


  1. I love that feeling of unloading 'stuff' and pairing everything down. Looking forward to seeing where that creative energy leads.

  2. I love this picture. Red lips, long lashes -- LOVE.
    "I've been carrying my camera like a third born." What a line. Wow.

  3. love it when things come together and you just ride a swell of creativity - such a good feeling.

  4. *Love* that feeling, when everything is just right and the path in front of you is perfectly laid out. Do it!

    And, on a similar note, I've been purging too--oh, I think it feels so much better going *out* than it did coming in. I happened to be reading "Simplicity Parenting" right around the new year and those two things together have lit a fire to do all the purging/organizing we hadn't been able to do since Hazel was born.

    1. I really enjoyed Simplicity Parenting.

  5. YES! I'm with you on all that good creative energy.
    IF I wake up without it, I'm either sick or unusually depressed.

  6. lovely words and I think I've been sharing in these feeling lately too, it feels wonderful :). Love that photo btw, it's fantastic!!!
    hoping you are having a beautiful weekend