Merry Merry!

We piled around the kitchen island.  Cheese, crackers, summer sausage, popcorn, butter-mints in those lovely pastel colors dotted with bright crunchy dots, cranberry cocktail for the little ones, fine bourbon with a splash of ginger ale for the mom and dad.  Of course we still had the same pajamas on that we started out the day wearing even though the sun had just set for the night.  Off everyone's face, a glow from the Christmas tree's light.  It would not have mattered on this Christmas Eve if one single gift made its way into our home.  I have been gifted enough.

These past few days have been just grand.  Almost luxurious.  The above description could have been Friday, Saturday, Sunday...  All of us home, jammie-clad most of the time - if not all of the time.  During the early hours on Christmas morning a sheet of snow as lovely as fine linen came down slow and steady making Christmas morning feel like a glittering snow globe, shaken and magical.  This year we kept things very simple.  The little ones got one present each from Santa.  Lego's, of course.  And I had a blast filling their stockings with bow ties, ties, spy glasses, chocolate rocks, and such.  It was wonderful to see them so excited and giddy, minus the overwhelm from too much.  I think Eric and I finally got it right with this gift giving business.

And, well, Hello there!  Did you notice the new blog design?!  I hope you love it as much as I do.  I finally gave in, declared html completely and totally evil, and allowed a goddess to work her design magic, for as much as I love to blog, I was not going to start another new year with whacked out widths, mix-matched fonts, etc.   And.  I'm tweeting.  Lawdy!  And.  My hubby gave me an iPhone for Christmas.  It only took me two hours this morning to get it working.  If miracles do happen (and they do!), I hope to be on Instagram in the near future as well.  The Mrs. is going all out in 2013! 

For now, some more of this glorious slow and low time as my friend Jenn says.  I can hear the New York Times chocolate chip cookie recipe calling my name, and those dear little ones of mine gave me books - Anne Lamott, Mary Oliver, Smitten's new cookbook.  I'm off!


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas, Katie! The snow was a glorious miracle wasn't it? It made Christmas that much more magical. Would love to hear more about the books you received....
    And the new look of the blog - LOVE IT. So you :) Merry Christmas!

  2. this is a beautiful space Katie! We have been enjoying lazy, pj days too. I wish you a beautiful year ahead.

  3. LOVE the new format! Sounds like a perfect Christmas.

  4. Glad you're having such good holiday time. The new layout is GREAT!

  5. Love the new format, just as I love everything you do!! Yay that you got your cookbooks! I can't wait to get home and get cooking again! I also love the 1 Santa present idea! Talk tomorrow!! XO!! L

  6. Very envious of your new web design. Cheers to 2013!

  7. beautious! fits your lovely words.

  8. I LOVE YOUR NEW LOOK!!! I may have to borrow your goddess, seriously, I am done with blogger. The NY times cookie recipe ay? I have completely run out of all the cookies, cakes and bark that we made for the holidays. Not that I NEED more, but who says that ever stopped me!

    Happy New Year Katie!!

    1. Right there with you, MJ. I finally decided I was done with my love/hate blog design addiction and very willingly handed it over to a pro. A very refreshing choice! As for the NY Times cookie recipe...effing delicious! I sprinkled sea salt on them before baking, divine! xo