Firefly Blessings

These last few months have been so full for me behind the lens.  Each photo shoot I show up for is so different, yet I seem to leave each one with the same feeling: complete gratitude and awe.  There is something beautiful to find in everyone, and behind the lens I see this beauty; pure, raw.  It's in the small moments - it always is - and even though we're all showing up for photographs to be had, which has its stressful moments, in at least a few of the photos (lots if we're completely lucky) magic appears.  Unique and different to each family.  They are the moments that speak of real love.  It is usually a quick look found in the center of the eye; a moment of fingers touching; a thousand words in the crease of a smile.  These moments are like witnessing the wondrous light of fireflies; they happen so quickly and then they are gone.  For me, being behind the lens is a gift.  It fills me beyond words.

With very little time for a shoot and a deadline to create my own family holiday card, I begged my hubby to cooperate and get the little ones (and himself!) out the door last weekend to get this card made.  We only had about 20 minutes to work with and a tripod.  Once I saw the photos on my computer screen I felt that same feeling I get when I capture for others:  gratitude.  This is my crew and we are so very blessed.  Firefly blessed.

The shoot is posted {over here} if you'd like to have a look.


  1. i always find it more difficult to shoot my family and thus feel doubly thrilled when they turn out as i had envisioned. so glad your family shoot worked out!

  2. You family is so beautiful! Good job.

  3. You have an awesome crew :)
    Jumped over for a peek and what great shots you captured! That last one looks like pure magic and no one is making a silly face (my crew likes to make silly faces). You have amazing talent.

    1. Thanks, Jen. It's really a miracle that Theo didn't make some kind of silly face. He always does these days. ;) Need to see you guys asap! x

  4. Ooooh, I just clicked over to the shoot and it's so, so beautiful. We went with homemade potato stamp Christmas cards this year but I'm thinking just to document the season I need to get the three of us together in front of the lens. I love the little fox sweater, by the way.

  5. Simply beautiful Katie!!! Gorgeous shots and family!!!

    I am feeling the pressure too and I am trying so hard not to get caught up in the holiday stress rumble...I am no where near the photographer you are, but I decided to take our own holiday card photos this year (purely for the sake of time). Oh gawd, please send your talented vibes my way or no cards are going out this year!!

  6. Oh those shots are incredible.