Breathing Space

I have been away from this space.  Readying rooms for a makeover, purging toy bins, ready to do away with almost everything we own.  Projects that took me away from the screen, a pleasant change of pace.  I traveled this week too - Colorado to Wyoming to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Without my family, oh how I always miss them even if just for a short while.  But the breathing space on the road, alone, was welcomed.  Buffalo, antelope, deer, hawks and one big beautiful wondrous bald eagle I did see.  I watched in awe as steam swirled up from the Fall river and greeted the milky pink dawn.  I fetched my brother and brought him home, but not before we shared a meal in a warm restaurant with one much less fortunate than us.  It is good to have a home, to be from somewhere, to have a family and good health.  It is good to know there is always a new day, if not a new moment to begin again.  Bear's Choice Volume One played on repeat.  Emmylou sang me home.


  1. OH! Wonderful, wonderful.
    I loved every word, every picture.
    SO perfect for me tonight.
    Thank you.

  2. that endless open space, utterly calls me.

    yes, it's good to have a home... we're in search for our next one.

  3. Mmm, I just took a deep breath reading that. :)

  4. emmylou and lucinda are my go to for road trips :)

    beautiful photos. glad you had some breathing space before the rush of late december activity.