Trading Up

As I sit here and type this, a loaf of bread is baking.  The smell of wheat, honey, oats, yeast is floating throughout the house along with the warm feeling I was seeking on this cold, grey day.  I'm listening to Pandora set to Indie Holiday .  In the moment all is right, which is a real blessing because I needed an all is right moment today.  Shortly I will leave to pick the little ones up from school.  When we return the scene inside these walls will change completely.   We will return and the silence I am gifted right now will simply evaporate.  The quiet will be replaced with non-stop talk and the pounding of tiny feet running on hardwood floors.  Still, I know that it is also a gift to hear the din of my children about these walls.   So I will replace staring off into the field while a version of Hallelujah hums through the computer, pausing now and then to sip my espresso stirred into creamy peppermint hot chocolate, typing these words without a soul stirring about the house.  I will trade it all up for a cutting board and my trusty knife that I adore as much as my ability to put pen to paper, to type words.  There will be chat and more chat, a snack plate placed out.  There will be begging to watch Scooby Doo Christmas on dvd, and I will let them.  Then they will run around playing something much too rough for my taste.  And while all that is going on I will cut onions, dice potatoes, chop red chard.  I will douse my soup pot with olive oil and push the veggies off the cutting board into the hot pot and listen to the sound of veggies dancing and popping while harmoniously smelling of home and blessings.  The lentil soup will simmer on the stove top.  Just baked bread, still warm, awaits. 

Bread Recipe {a favorite around here}
{soup recipe to post if it turns out to be delish!}


  1. I hope the soup was good! I love a good lentil soup.

  2. I love how vividly you've contrasted that being home alone and then being in a full house. Yesterday, I ate lunch alone at home and it was so delightful (but something I would never so successfully capture in words). A big part of it being wonderful was knowing it would soon be over. I'm convinced that motherhood with this contrasted situation - when all the kids are in school for a little bit and there are just a few hours of solitude in the house - will be my favorite years of motherhood!

    1. There is something so wonderful about eating a meal alone, quietly. And then to relish a house, full again, a gift indeed. Now if time would just slow down a bit. These days are passing too quickly for my mama-heart.

  3. sounds like a beautiful afternoon.....the magic of fresh baked bread and holiday music in the kitchen= JOY!!
    have a great weekend Katie

  4. What a joyous day. Some of everything. Sounds just perfect, and as if you are not letting the golden moments pass you by. That is so wonderful for you, and for your family.