It was the little things that held me up today.  The little things always come through when things come up like a little one home sick, a broken espresso machine.  It was warmth from hands wrapped around a cup filled and refilled throughout the day of mint tea - a welcome from the past days of holiday snacking and rich foods.  It was a crisp white bowl filled with fresh clementines.  It was a new wreathe - alive and smelling of pine, sap, damp earth, winter - hung on our front door ushering in the season.  It was switching up the blog layout to three columns instead of two just because I felt the need for a little something different in this space.  It was a gift given to me today from a higher source, I do believe, to watch an owl take flight from our backdoor seconds after a flock of Canadian geese flew over it.  This wee bit of a lot we live on, wild still.  Yes, the little things always come through.  I do so hope there's been a little wild and wonderful in your day, too.


  1. Yes, wow, yes....I think I would have felt better immediately if I had read this this morning. I did find peace though finally, in wrapping a gift for a friend, pulling thread through the pages of a book, in peeling polaroids off the wall to reorganize them anew. There is pine smell here too, with our new tree in the living room, not yet decorated. And the owl, wow, if only I had an owl to see!! that would have made my entire day...
    thanks for sharing your beautiful moments today, and hope you get a new espresso machine super quick!


    1. Well, I instantly felt a blanket of calm when I read your post today. So thank YOU! xo

  2. I can almost smell the wreath! Mmmmm, so lovely. Your posts seem to always put me right there, next to you: so expressive and sensory. Shame about the espresso machine, too.

  3. i love seeing these glimpses into your day. that first shot is stunning!

    after the heavy and rich foods of the holiday, I've been living on tea and clementines, too.

  4. Rosie just said: there's ezactly 10 oranges in that bowl. Is it ours? Can we eat one?"
    Glad for the goose/owl sighting.

  5. love that red door and the wreath...so festive!

    and the geese. oddly enough, i've had several encounters with geese in the last few weeks, been meaning to look them up and see if there is any symbolism there. we have an owl that takes up residence in the magnolia tree outside my bedroom window during certain parts of the year and i love hearing those lonesome "whoo whoos" in the middle of the night.

  6. love your today and the way the little things came through for you. i've had a few days like that recently. they really fill the heart...

  7. your door with your wreath looks so welcoming!

    it seems we always get what we need in a way. yesterday i stood and watched a great flock of migrating birds and it just reached on and on and on, after standing there two minutes they were still coming. thank goodness for blessings like these.

  8. beautiful photos today, my dear.
    so happy your day was blessed with an OWL.

  9. Oh, and that first photo, LOVE! I'm in the process of choosing "the right" red for our front door.

  10. Fun! Our is roasted red pepper! It looks much brighter than it really is in that pic.