This and That

So far this has been a week of scrumptious disconnect.  I've traded most of my time spent online for curling up on the couch, my little ones within reach, a cuppa and piles of magazines.  When I would normally be reading lovely blogs or scanning Facebook for some good links, I've been working on redoing my photography website and blog, readying myself to be more present and invested in this work I'm so passionate about.  I've been quiet about it so far, learning so much, and now it has come to the point where I feel I must own up to that.  So I will.  I am.  I'm crazy, nervously, super-duper excited.  I've also been staying up ridiculously late every night watching season one of Mad Med.  I haven't fallen for a TV series like this since Sex and the City.  I should add that in general I don't watch television and here I am hooked; a total addict.  Last night I was sort of  totally rushing my kiddos along to bed so I could resume my horizontal pose on the couch in front of the fireplace with my cat Woody curled up in my lap for more.  And I swear I can smell cigarette smoke in my living room, thicker with each passing episode.

We're leaving town this weekend for the holiday.  Can't wait.  I'm going to schlep my laptop with me and leave the Mad Men home.  The next time I log in we'll be in Kansas and hopefully I will have a very pretty new photography website and blog to share with you.  Until then, a lovely weekend to you and yours. 


  1. Looking forward to seeing the new website. Have a safe trip!

  2. Ooooh, I can't wait to see what you've come up with! I find a little creative quiet is good for the soul sometimes.

  3. Looking forward to the upcoming photos...enjoy your getaway.