Just Write

I was dusting the furniture in our living room.  Sully was watching Madeline - Lost in Paris.  Sunlight fell through our windows, but not with the strength of the warm months that I love and crave.  Nonetheless, there was a lightness floating around in our space.  It was palpable, yummy.  Then I noticed Sully's feet, those little toes and I fetched my camera, for it was one of those moments that I want to keep in my back pocket forever.

One lone redbud leaf on the sidewalk.  Those speckles and shades of yellow, brown, grey.  Sometimes an overwhelming feeling of gratitude comes to me in the simplest of ways.

Theo's shirt with orange elbow patches makes me smile.  Theo, getting so tall, seeming older and older with each passing day.  I confess.  Sometimes I just want him to stop.  I was not prepared for my loves to grow and change so quickly.  Their budding independence, quirky personalities, daily questions - Mom, can I be an astronaut when I grow up?  Can I be Spiderman and keep my web shooters in a Spiderman backpack when I grow up?  Of course I just nod and tell them they can be anything they want to be even though inside my heart is in a knot and I want to beg them to stay my babies because I have never known anything that feels better than holding them and caring for them.

Eric was away for the night.  Theo wanted pizza bagels for dinner, and a salad.  They begged me to eat in the living room while watching Herbie the Love Bug.  But on this night I wanted nothing more than to light candles, have little helpers set the table, hold hands for a blessing.  We ended up staying at the table laughing and chatting for an hour.  We all left full.


  1. such sweet feet. :)

    that meal sounds so perfect. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  2. That is so amazing: eating dinner with Spiderman! If only I could be so lucky. ;)

    1. Spiderman is with me everywhere I go these days. I feel so protected. ;)

  3. What a perfect day. I'm so glad you stopped to live it.

  4. I want to nibble those toes and join you for dinner at that table....
    beautiful slice of life here...