A Quiet Force.

I looked at the calendar this morning with disbelieving eyes.  Thanksgiving travels only two weeks away!  How?  Then I looked outside and found my answer.  The redbud tree is bare and grey and exposed.  A bird feeder hanging from her limbs, empty.  Fallen leaves on the ground darker now, wet, without much crunch.  I have noticed more hawks flying low.  I have seen remains of rabbits, nothing left but a tail, dark beige and white fur moving back and forth in the wind like swaying grain.  The remains of Halloween can still be felt - a bit of fright, some spookiness, the real kind - Mother Nature's force.

And right now I feel boldly connected and in synch with the earth.  It was a quiet weekend for our family.  We weaved in and out of togetherness and solidarity.  There were no commitments.  I was either loving on my family or reading this, which I read twice because it moved me so.  The cover caught my eye while at the library browsing in the children's section with Sully last week.  Little did I know, I had just found treasure.  Just wonderful.  Trust me.

What are you reading and loving these days?


  1. It's freezing here today, it did catch me a little off guard but as you say, there have been signs. Staying cozy on this November day.

    xo Lilly

  2. Thanks for the May B recommendation. I'll check it out. The story blurb reminds me of Kent Haruff. Have you read his trilogy of sorts? So good.
    We can't get enough of Wildwood. Theo would love it read aloud. Lucy wants to go to Portland, OR to visit the magical land. We're just about to crack open the second book.
    I know! How is it possible Thanksgiving is two weeks away? I miss August's slow time..

    1. Jenn, thanks for the recs. Will check them out.

  3. A new book for the Wishlist. Thank you! The description reminds me of The Snow Child, though completely different genre. I second the Wildwood recommendation. And yes, I always feel more in sync with the earth this time of year... grounded.

  4. It seems like late fall crept in on us. I think because here, we had such warm weather for so long. I do love this time of year, I agree I feel closest to the world around me.

    Sounds like happy times in your camp. May B is on my "to read" list, perhaps now I will bump it up!

  5. Sadly, I'm right behind you. It's rainy and chilly. Half the leaves are down, but the rest will follow shortly. I have been listening to The Maze Runner as I worked this week. I also discovered the Pete the Cat books for children (I write and proofread other people's children's literature tests) and I just love them. They are so simple and rhythmic, and each tells a great lesson, but with subtlety. Something just right for a rainy day needing a little cheer.

  6. nothing like that quiet unrushed weaving out of moments and one another.