11.2.2012 {habit}

At least one of us is being productive. My thoughts seem to be floating slow and steady just like the leaves these days; my hands perfectly content to do little more than be wrapped around a warm cup.

It's November which means it's time again for the group pool over at habit...a collection of days, a blog I've been following and loving for years now.  If you aren't already familiar with this space that features documentary photography woven with words describing real everyday moments, be sure to check it out.  Pour yourself a cup of tea or joe and savor.  That's what I do.


  1. I will remember to check out Habit, thank you.
    Lots of love to you today.

  2. Eep! I love that blog, thanks for the recommendation! All I need is another addiction... ;)

  3. what an adorable, busy spider :). thanks for the habit cue...I think I learned about their group pool from you last year :)...
    I do hope fall lingers just a little longer, yes? ( I hear it will be up in the 70's this week!)


    1. I just looked at the 5 day forecast. This is the beauty of Colorado - lots and lots of gloriously sunny days. If only it had the ocean. ;)