Snow-Spun Promises

I watch them with close eyes.  The first big snow has fallen; that magical snow.  As they fall to the ground, bellies down, pressed against snowflakes and crunchy fallen leaves, and roll around without a care in the world, pure happiness splayed across their frozen little faces, I breathe out and settle into the moment.

Suddenly what comes to my mind is a visual of my hands wet with earthy clay, spinning, feeling.  Older and more wrinkly, my hands, perhaps.  Then my mind reeled back to an article I recently read about a four day cheese making course at a farm in Vermont.  As I read I could almost see myself arriving there, ready to learn, needy for a tiny morsel of time to remind myself that I am still me.

A brewing fight over snow shovels and flying snowballs brings me back to the present.  Before taking one step forward in my mama-shoes I make a promise to myself.  I will find a local pottery class.  I will pack my bags and head to a farm and learn a new skill.  Maybe even in Vermont.  

As I crouch on the frozen earth looking up at Theo and Sully as the mediator, mother, friend, I see perfect snowflakes frozen on their eyelashes.  Heavenly little promises.  Yes, I whisper to myself, I will get there.


  1. Yes, you will get there.

    And I hope you don't mind me saying that I'm glad my boys weren't the only ones eating snow. ;-)

  2. I always seem to come back to ceramic classes when trying to find myself again. It's a habit I formed in college. Your post makes me want to find a class while I'm on baby sabbatical.

  3. YES! (to all of the truth and beauty here)

  4. yes. i've made little promises to myself as well knowing that one day the time will be right. until then, trying to enjoy all that motherhood entails.

  5. Cheese making, how cool? Love the snow pics so early... here in AL the snow is sparse each winter. It feels like this year will bring more than usual, though!

  6. loving that third pic down.....
    and I'm agreeing with Habit of Being's comment too.