Harvest Orange {Pumpkin Ale} 24/52

This time of year I begin the final work of putting the garden beds to rest.  There's something wonderfully calming about picking and pulling, releasing from the ground root balls and shaking the excess dirt back into the loamy soil.  I find myself silently pondering next year's plantings.  I think back on our summer evenings bright in my mind, still.  These vegetables of ours brushed with olive oil and spices transforming into pure deliciousness on the hot grill.  The rows of tomatoes I have lined up currently in our windows, the late abundant harvest ripening.  Today I will pick heirloom corn, beets, the last planting of radishes, for they say snow might fall tonight.

In a final nod to all that is well and good about life these days, especially after a day spent working outside, I love to sit and enjoy the flavors of a good crisp, spicy pumpkin ale.   Preferably in the company of laughter, golden light, leaves swirling to the ground.

{My harvest pumpkin ale recs:  Buffalo Bill's Brewery and Blue Moon Brewing Co.}


  1. Mmmm...we're having a tough time finding a pumpkin ale in our town, but the next town over has a microbrewery with a great pumpkin beer.

  2. Perhaps they'll bottle some for you to take home? A MT must this time of year. :)

  3. Have never had pumpkin ale! Sounds yum- shame am living in upside-down SH seasons at the moment....it's strawberry season coming up so berry cider instead for us!! :)

  4. Katie just had the pumpkin ale by Blue Moon tonight too!

  5. We are big pumpkin ale fans here too! My favorite is Shipyard and my husband is partial to Dogfish Head :)

    1. I'll be looking for these. I've never heard of Dogfish Head.

  6. "These vegetables of ours brushed with olive oil and spices transforming into pure deliciousness on the hot grill." ... it's dinner time here, and this sounds so tasty ... mouth watering ... and it looks like I must give Pumpkin Ale a try.

  7. I just had some pumpkin brew myself at a restaurant last evening, Ichabod Ale I believe. Dark and spicy it was. I like your response to this prompt!

  8. Ahh, I did so enjoy reading this slice of your day.
    And you have definitely inspired me to pick up
    some pumpkin ale.

  9. a wonderful reflection, katie.

    my husband and i have just sampled about 10 different pumpkin ales...we're on a hunt! you might look for these two {our very favorites so far}: alewerks pumpkin ale and shipyard smashed pumpkin. both were top of our list.
    cheers and enjoy your fall!!!!