A Slow Day.

I have been looking forward to this morning, this splendid autumn day.  It's the first chunk of time I've had in days to make myself a cup of coffee and sit down here in quietness and write.  The days have been busy.  Too busy for one like me who depends on downtime, even if just slivers throughout the day, to replenish and ready for the next pick-up, drop-off, snack, meal, everyday goings on.  And lately there has been constant motion, heavy air.

Yesterday, I noticed the sun and moon.  The sighting was late in the afternoon; the moon to the east, the sun to the west.  The way they were suspended in the cloudscape seemed as if a horizontal line could be drawn straight across, connecting the two.  The moment felt like a personal wake up call.  As if I needed a stark, tangible reminder.  Balance.

This morning Sully asked me to sit down and draw with him.  He handed me a piece of recycled, reused printer paper and pushed the bucket of markers towards me.  "Mom, will you draw clouds and I will color them with you?"  I sat next to him, a little closer than need be, and inhaled deeply.  For a split second I caught smell of him, the smell when he was just a wrinkly yet smooth as a pebble newborn resting in the crook of my arm.  Delicious.  Outside, a golden-yellow leaf was slowly falling to the ground.  From somewhere close by I could hear the sweet melodious notes of a birdsong.


  1. Mmmmmm. Ahhhhhhh. (that's how I feel reading this).
    Love the napping darling on the couch, shoes and all.

    How is kindergarten?

    1. The napping darling, shoes and all is about the only way he naps these days. Straight from the car to the couch.

      Kindergarten - something magical happened during week five. He's adjusted and absolutely loves it. So so happy for him. We are so very lucky to have such an amazing DPS school in our hood.

  2. Lovely. Balance isn't always easy.

  3. sweet.
    sounds like a very peaceful morning.
    by the way, I am still enjoying the book I won here...

  4. i'm like you, slivers of downtime are much needed and appreciated to get me through the day. sounds like you had a magical morning. i had to chuckle because yesterday taking the nacho to therapy he asked to be carried and i picked him up and found myself inhaling the sweet scent of his little head. wish i could bottle it.

  5. thank goodness for moments like these. they get us through.

    hope you get to snatch up more moments like these.

  6. as an introvert, silence, downtime, space, are essential.
    yes, balance.
    sweetly captured.