Yesterday's Moments. Today's Words.

This morning I went around opening windows.  There's a coolness in the air these days, the kind of air that makes me want to vent this space of ours and allow it to be blasted, cleansed.  With a second cup of coffee in my hand, the blend of warm and cool washes over me.  It's beginning to feel like fall.  I am feeling alive.

Today, there is work to be done in the garden.  An apple tree needs watering along with two new Cleveland Pears.  I will pull what is left of the beans, no longer producing.  Squash and melon are ready for snipping from the vines.  In place of the beans I will plant a few rows of beets, maybe some carrots for winter soup.  The Black-Eyed Susans are ready for dead-heading, sunflower blooms will be scattered for the birds.  Alas.  I do know when to put down my summer lovin' wand.  I do know the time has come to say see you again summertime, my soul mate. 

This morning while driving home from dropping Theo at school I felt my heart in my hands.  Its beat hearty and boundless.  I believe what I felt was joy - pure gladness for this day, this moment.  


  1. " I felt my heart in my hands. Its beat hearty and boundless. I believe what I felt was joy - pure gladness for this day, this moment. " Lovely image, all fall breeze and tucking-in of the garden.

  2. That dandelion photo needs to be entered in a photo contest. RIGHT NOW.

  3. Beautiful. I too have fall things to do, pulling some weeds in the garden, deadheading flowers... but I can't find the motivation. Thanks for inspiring me to embrace fall!