Tending and Enjoying

Good morning from the garden!

I will be busy this weekend in my two favorite places:  the garden and the kitchen.  For starters, I have an apple tree to plant.  Then I will be tackling my cucumber situation - vines full along with the two bottom drawers in our refrigerator.   I'm going to try a new pickle recipe this year, one I found in Southern Living.  I also have my herb garden to tend to, cutting and drying for fall and winter cooking.  On Monday, we're slow cooking - a pork shoulder in spices and bathed in barbeque sauce.  There will be local corn, chunks of ice cold watermelon, hanging out on the porch with glasses of sun-brewed iced tea until the sun begins to lower in the sky, and a cobbler, of course.  Then there will be frosty mugs of beer shared amongst the grown-ups while the little ones chase crickets with squirt bottles until the sun finally sets.

This is how we plan to wrap up this fine summer.  How about you?


  1. The pickles look yummy! Let me know how they turn out. I'll trade you a jar for a jar of the apple cider infused bourbon that I'm going to try. I made the vanilla bean snickerdoodles today. Yummy!! Will call tomorrow. XO L

    1. apple cider infused bourbon...yum!

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to wrap up the summer! I've been drying the herbs, drying, roasting and canning tomatoes for the winter, trying out new canning recipes (zucchini relish!)

    Enjoy relaxing on the porch!