I did something perfectly wonderful this weekend.  I didn't turn my computer on.  Beside my bed a stack of books begged to be read.  In the living room a basket of magazines - early fall editions with recipes calling my name, summoning me to gather ingredients, tunes, kitchen time.  Eric and I took the little ones for a ride on Thomas.  Can you believe he came all the way from the island of Sodor?  I know! {Two extremely amazed boys exchanged those words numerous times over the weekend.}  Theo announced on Saturday morning that he just born two babies.  Sully pointed out a UPS truck on Friday afternoon declaring, "Mom!  Look!  It's the POS truck!

Right now our house is quiet and bare.  I'm reminiscing before I bike over to the coffee shop and then on to the library.  I'm still trying to adjust to these few afternoons of time alone, especially these Mondays following weekends submerged in family life.  I wonder:  How did I get so lucky?


  1. love that you were unplugged this weekend, able to immerse yourself in being with your family.

  2. We took our boys to see Thomas over the summer and my little one had that same amazed reaction. It's it beautiful?!