This handsome little dude and I have been enjoying more time together now that big brother has started kindergarten.  On this day we had a lunch date followed by playing in fountains (hence the wet shirt and no shorts!)  Up until now we've been a tight trio, so of course it's taking some adjusting.  We miss Theo being with us all the time, that's a given.  And even though this new rhythm of ours has its share of misplaced beats, mainly in the way of one feeling like it's too much for him to "miss us all day" and basically refusing to go back to school {ahem}, we're listening and learning.  One day at a time, I tell myself.

But today - today is a holiday.  We have food to cook, sprinklers to play in, some extra family to be with.  I say Onward! 

The winner of the BonLook giveaway is Family Travels on a Budget.  Yay!  I will be emailing you shortly.  Thanks to everyone who played along.  And a big thanks to BonLook for being so generous.


  1. That is one thing that I am still trying to work out with our homeschooling life. Since big brother doesn't leave for school, I find it hard to spend alone time with my daughter (my youngest). Anytime we try to plan one-on-one time both, my son and daughter, want to be apart of it. Or, they both want to go do what the guys were going to do. =)

  2. My younger son and I loved our time together while his brother was away at kindergarten. He wore his cowboy boots faithfully -- reminds me of your cute little guy. Enjoy this precious season! <3

  3. We have been trying to find our rhythm here too. Last week was a school loving week, while this morning he was asking me to sign him up for half days ;) Breaks my heart.

    1. Exactly the same boat here. Theo says the days are so long it makes him feel scared. Still, I'm hopeful they will adjust because aside from the long day, he's all smiles and excitement about learning and being with friends. Tough.

  4. it is so hard to find that rhythm, for everyone.

    i hope Theo finds his footing, i remember Em coming home the same way.

    we enjoyed that bonus day as well. thank goodness for them.