4-H In Our Future

Just like that, I am a week behind.  These photos are from last weekend, from the farm that has my boys' hearts.  Sully took his first horseback ride.  With ease and excitement he rode in the saddle, his hands on the reigns, natural and graceful.  I could see the taste in his eyes swirling, wanting more.  Theo watched in silent awe the goat being milked, her toes soaking in a bucket of water to soften the...what is it that makes up a goat's toenails...cartilage, tissue... - let's just say she was going to get a pedicure.  Ahem.  Twice, he tugged on my arm and whispered, "will they really let me come back here and help with chores?"  Yes was my answer, the magic word.

Theo has been wanting to be involved with this special farm since we first started visiting it two years ago.  Now, he's old enough to participate.  I suspect we'll get to know this very special place quite well in the days, months, years ahead.


  1. You are in for some fun!! Larry knows some guys who own a dude ranch in Wyoming, or someplace... Let me know if you think that may be a vacation idea someday. Seems like your littles would love that!! Love the pics, as usual!! Talk soon!! XO L

  2. How beautiful and exciting!
    I want to be involved too!

  3. fun! my kids are all animal lovers. i think it's a part of childhood...they don't see the dirt or the muck, just an animal needing a little love.

  4. 4H is wonderful, I know you all will have a wonderful time!!