These Calm Days

We have been being gloriously lazy.  That is what late summer is for, if you ask me.  I'm determined to use these last weeks before our days become harried with school schedules and fall's events to be slow like snails, and so far all is going as planned.

Today at the pool I lounged in a chair behind Theo and Sully.  They were sitting like sunning toads, their towels the lily pads, eating slices of pizza bigger than their heads.  They share quiet conversations with little giggling bubbles erupting now and then.  At one point Theo turned back to look at me, "Thanks for this awesome pizza, Mom.  Love you."

I reached for my over-sized sunglasses and dropped them over my eyes.  Stretching my legs and pointing my toes to the sun, I looked over at a mother sitting a few chairs over from me.  In her arms a new babe, nursing beneath a towel while her daughter who looked to be around two-ish continually pushed boundaries and jetted off toward the water.

I knew her well, for wasn't it just yesterday that that was me?

For once I didn't feel my heart in my gut as I saw those baby legs and toes dangling beside a mama's hip.  I definitely didn't feel sad that I had not a little one to continually chase after.  I felt time - fast and full.

In fifteen minutes the lifeguard will blow the whistle.  Pizza will get tossed aside by greasy little paws for goggles.  My little ones content, needing each other in times like this and only needing to know that I am near; I lifted my chin toward the sun and closed my eyes.


  1. This is such a beautiful and sweet post. I just want to crawl inside those moments.

  2. I do feel summer slipping through my fingers, and it takes everything not to try to make a fist and hang on. So today I will try to remember the look and feel of every grain before it falls away.
    And that mother, oh how when I see her I want to give her a hug and tell her she is wonderful :).
    Enjoy those last little handfuls of sand Katie!! I will try to do the same :).

  3. I suppose I am still that other mother. I love where I am. Yes, I'll miss the baby. I'll love where I'll be. Such beauty and peace in your words.

    1. I've made peace with the fact that I'll always miss and long for those early days with my babes. What I'd give to rewind some days. Loving where you're at - yeah, I think that's what it's all about. :)

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  4. I really get it.
    It took me until now to not wish I had another baby.
    Now, life is just moving along- and I am moving along with it, with my girls.

  5. Every now and then I get the baby craving, but I think what it is for me is that wish to just go back to when my own were babies. I do love having the freedom of going out with the kids without packing a stroller, bottles, sippy cups, diapers and all the rest. Now I just grab my purse and go! Thanks for a beautiful post and the chance to see more of your gorgeous photos!