The Honeycrisp Apple Tree

School has begun.  I'm pretty out of sorts about it all - I knew I would be.  Soon I will write about Theo's first day of kindergarten, this whole first week of newness, which will be followed by Sully starting preschool next week.  But for now I am just finding my new pace, feeling more quiet in my day, adjusting to our family's new rhythm.  And in the middle of the mixed emotions and feelings and time schedules, I am trying to feel my heart in all this freshly kicked up emotional dust.

Sully and I drove home from our favorite local nursery yesterday with a Honeycrisp apple tree hanging out of our car.  I originally set out to buy ornamental kale and mums, and with a simple wish:  that strolling rows of beautiful plants would ease the tugging on my heartstrings a bit.  I also thought a visit to the nursery would distract Sully - heartbroken Sully who has cried every morning this week after Theo parts ways with us.

Eric and I have been wanting to add a fruit bearing tree to our yard.  He's talked of a plum tree.  I've thought this a wonderful idea; we were even going to set out this weekend to find one.  But yesterday as we were leaving the nursery I spotted trees across the street in their landscaping area with a "Sale" sign.  Instantly I took Sully's hand and crossed the road.  Right away I saw the dwarf plum tree my hubby would want, but something pulled me further down the row where I found the apple tree.  I stopped the first person I found working and said I'd like to buy it - the apple, not the plum.

You see we don't exactly have a big yard and I know how big an apple tree can get.  But in the moment I saw these children of mine who are growing up so quickly.  I saw them climbing this tree's branches as it grows sturdy and strong.  I saw our old wooden ladder and baskets on the ground during the picking season.  I saw myself in my element which is in the kitchen slicing, dicing and baking.  I saw myself packing lunch boxes.

I came home and posted these words on Facebook:   It's a good day when you drive home with a honeycrisp apple tree hanging out of your car. :)

Because it is. 


  1. This is so lovely. I am happy to have found you and your sweet little apple tree words. XO Chrissy

  2. Hurray! Yes, the tree climbing sounds perfect.

  3. Yes! We have a honeycrisp too...long way from tree climbing, though (or is it just around the corner?).

    1. Clove, I bet J will be in that tree soon. :)

  4. My mother planted a cherry tree in her yard on my 21st birthday. It was very small and I remember thinking, why bother... and now over ten years later it is huge and gorgeous! I keep wanting to plant one for Wyatt as well, such a lovely tradition... sounds like a very good day.

    xo Lilly

  5. Found you by way of MJ. What a lovely blog!

    I remember very well the unsettling that happens one (then two) go off to school. Sending my best as you make your way into a comfortable transition.


  6. oh Katie, I loved this.
    I'm so glad you bought the tree :)

  7. Tomorrow Eli will start preschool. So glad I stumbled across this post tonight. I'm pretty sure it was meant to happen that way, my heart needed your words. Thank you, friend!

    PS - The pictures in this post, breathtaking!

  8. :-) what a delight to read, imagining you with your tree and all those future thoughts.

    school days are so exciting and anxious at the same time, the two of you look beyond fantastic.