This was my first trip to Boston.  I loved it, of course!  Make Way for Ducklings is one of our favorite stories, so with kiddos in tow we walked the same route the ducks waddled in the book to the Public Garden and took a swan boat ride around Duck Island.  Checks were flying on my bucket list that day, checks I didn't even know about - almond macaroon from Mikes, anyone? 

I'm looking forward to visiting this city again, only next time I hope to explore some of the neighborhoods a bit more.  And of course most of a day just for the North End: lingering, strolling, sipping and eating.


  1. Boston is one of my all time favorite cities - the history, the architecture, the food, the water! I'm glad you had such a good experience your first time there. It's definitely a town that needs multiple visits to really fully explore!


  2. Fun! I love Boston, too. What did the boys think of the subway?

    1. That was Theo's request - a T ride. It's kind of funny, when we asked the lady working down in the station a question about purchasing our tickets she asked us where we were getting off. When we told her she looked at us, raised her eyebrows and said, "That's just down the street. You know you can walk there." Yeah, she rolled her eyes as were proceeded to purchase our fare. Little did she know that to one kiddo it meant the world to ride just two stops up. ;)

  3. Yay Boston! Glad that you guys had a good time and your photos are great. I actually haven't made it to the North End in a few years even though it's so close.

    xo Lilly

  4. Girls Trip?!! I'm in!! Great pics. XO!! L

  5. beautiful pics!!! Love the parks, and such charming storefronts. Never been to Boston, but have always heard really amazing things about the city.