An Artist's Space. And a Giveaway.

I'm sure many of you if you read my old blog remember Renee from Em bel' ish.  If you recall, she creates the most gorgeous jewelry, and she's my neighbor. 

Recently I had the fun fortune of hanging out with Renee in her studio.  She was making a necklace for me with an owl charm that she had given me well over a year ago as a gift that I still hadn't done anything with.  She told me to look through the materials and pick whatever grabbed me.  Well, as if that were easy for one who swoons over texture and color.  Like a kid in a candy shop I began scanning and choosing.  Before long I had a tray full of gorgeousness.  That's when Renee stepped in.  From there she designed my necklace.  And then we drank a couple glasses of prosecco.  An artist's life!  She's also a master gardener - I know!

And, because Renee is so generous she is giving one lucky reader a bracelet.  New to her studio, she is working with the softest leather I've ever felt with hand-stamped words on metal.  

These pieces are a touch modern, rustic, and a whole lot of awesome.  To enter take a peek at the shop and/or "Like" on Facebook and pop back over here to leave a comment.  Renee is offering this bracelet with the word Momentum, or you can leave your word of choice in your comment and she will make you your very own piece.  How awesome is that?  The giveaway will stay open through this Friday.  One random comment will be chosen.  Good luck!

Oh, and that necklace she made for me - I'll take a pic of it and share when I announce the winner.  It's a beauty.


  1. What a lovely giveaway. You are so lucky to have a crafty neighbor. I love her work!
    My word would be "here"

  2. What a beautiful studio. Thank you for the opportunity to share her art with the world. My word would be: GRACE.

  3. I love a glimpse into where an artist works. So lovely and inspiring. My word would be: bliss. I grew on on Bliss Rd, and now so far from Massachusetts I center around my joys in childhood and to never lose site of the importance of bliss in our every day lives.

  4. Love the bracelet!! Wish I could join you two with the Prosecco and chats. My word would be CALM, because when I look at it, it would remind me to be calm. I tend to usually blow, so I need all the reminders that I can get !!
    XO! Talk soon! Hope the trip is fabulous!!

  5. She does great work - I love owls, too. My word would be ROOTS - I always tell my boys that a mama is the root of the family and the kids are our branches exploring the world from above.

  6. LOVE her work. I have my eye on the Hoot Owl necklace. So wonderful to surround yourself with such talent. I am sure she helps inspire you :)! I would love the bracelet with "believe" on it. A good daily reminder for all aspects of my life.

  7. beautiful! I love it! I think my word would be journey.... because it has been such a huge part of my life. or maybe gypsy :)

  8. I'm so glad I've stumbled into your blog... and such good timing!! Renee does beautiful work... for sure. I love the tweet tweet necklace she has. My son's middle name is bird, so any bird laden jewelry sends me over the moon! My word would be "carousel". I know it's a weird word, but it has so much meaning for me right now. Over here, at our evening meal, we hold hands and go around and say one word. It doesn't have to be deep or introspective. just one word. Lately, my son (age 2) says, "my word...... um..... carousel". I didn't even know he knew that word. It is so sweet and warms my heart every night!