Summer Brew

I filled a kettle and placed it on the stove.  In it float verdant herbs, flower blooms, blades of freshly mowed grass, cobalt blue skies, tiny bodies running through magical sprinkler spray, laughter carried away on bird's wing, slivers of crescent moon.  This concoction, I'll name it Summer Brew, and we're drinking it up.

Simple summer dinner: salad with radish slices, feta, cucumbers, croutons, Annie's Shitake Sesame dressing.  Bacon, red romaine lettuce, tomato, crusty artisan bread.  

How to keep a friend?  Share your bowl of ice cold cherries on a yellow bench

  in our meal tonight - red romaine and radishes fresh from the garden

Currently, a few fun things are brewing for the blog too.  I'm really excited to share these things, and I will soon.   For now, more of that Summer Brew will do.  May I pour you a cup?!


  1. That sweet little smirky smile must get you every time. What a cutie! The freshness of summer meals does something to uplift a part of my psyche that was slumbering through winter's soups and stews. Gorgeous photos Katie and I can't wait to hear what's up!

  2. delicious things.
    your garden looks so thriving... and tidy!

  3. i've been alternating summer brew and cold brewed coffee for a while now. it's a heady combination. and your dinner, right up my alley - wholesome, simple, tasty.

    1. alternating summer brew and cold brewed coffee...super delightful!