I knew it would be good.

Good morning from Maine. 

I borrowed my nephew's laptop this morning - I have a rule about not vacationing with my computer (and, I'm old-school - I own a dumb phone - no connecting or iphoneography for me!)  But there is a reason for wanting to connect with all of you today.  First a bit about Maine...

The fog has just rolled off the lake like a leisurely stroll, much like Theo and my sister, Laura, just walked up the road to fetch the newspaper.  They have just returned and Theo hands me a bouquet of hand-picked flowers - wild daisey's, queen anne's lace, black eyed susan's, something purple that resembles chive blossoms, even a "sleeping" cricket clutching one of the leggy stems. 

I am distracted by the early morning goings-on of the lake - one of the many reasons I do not bring technology along with me on trips meant for spending time with my family and nature.  It feels silly to be typing on this glorious morning.  Loons glide through the water in front of me, their bird-call wondrous, and each time I hear it I can feel it reach deeply, echoing throughout me.  The sound - water and wood and flute-like - reminds me that we are all connected and small but wildly significant in the big picture.

We have only been here for 3 days now and I have already fallen in love with this place.  There will be so many photos to share, so many words to write once we return home.  For now, back to why I logged in this morning.

A while back I was invited to be a post contributor to a new magazine that would be launching this summer.  Well, today is the day of the launch.  I've been so excited to share this news with you, and now that I've laid eyes on the site, I am truly honored to be a part of this wonderful collaboration. 

Bonbon Break is the creation of two very inspiring women who's vision was to create a site that features content from a wide-range of bloggers all in one place.  As I clicked through the pages I was thrilled to come across so many fantastic blogs that I didn't even know about.  Hello to new "friends" and new reading.  Very inspiring!

For now, I must run.  Theo and Sully are summoning me to toss rocks into the lake, to dip our toes in the reviving water while we breathe in this pure air.  I'd be a fool to miss out.  So, pour a cup of coffee or tea and give yourself some time to check out this wonderful new magazine while I keep exploring Maine. 

I knew it would be good - Maine, the new magazine, spending time with my family, adventuring in new places.  All of it.


Bonbon Break

Bonbon Break on Facebook

You can find me in the Mom Cave.

I'll catch back up with you late next week.  Until then, I'll take a swim in the lake for you and I'll wish for the sound of the Loons to fill your soul much like they've filled mine.

xo, katie

ps.  Tomorrow we're meeting up with the ocean.  Be still my heart.


  1. Thank you Katie!! We can't wait to include you in another issue with your beautiful words and photos. Loons are very special birds to my husband and I. On a trip shortly after we were married, we would sit in our sleeping bags on the dock of a lake house and enjoy the quiet time between us and the loons in the early morning hours. Thanks for the reminder and drink it all in. I can't wait to see your pics!

  2. so exciting for you - both maine and your presence over at bonbon break. soak up maine for me!

  3. Oh Maine...what a special place....glad you are having such a wonderful time...And congratulations on Mom Cave and Bonbon Break! Your words are lovely to read anywhere...
    enjoy enjoy my friend!!

  4. Oh, enjoy! You paint a gorgeous picture without the photos!


  5. Can't wait to see your adventures in Maine through your pictures....ENJOY!

  6. I hope you eat a lot of lob-stah. Geez, I just adore Maine and can't wait to hear more about your trip.
    Loved your piece on Bon Bon. Great job!