Cottage Snippets. Part One.

Whenever I travel somewhere one of my favorite things to do is pay attention to how life is being lived in other places.  I pick up ideas, both big and small, to bring home and incorporate into our home.  And one of the best things is coming home and feeling really good about this space that we've created to grow our family.  It's been one week since we've been back from wondrous Maine, but there's just one feeling I can't shake.

As much as I love our home with it's postage stamp yard, I do miss an abundance of natural space.  Bolts of nature's fabric do not roll out before us in our tiny slice of Denver.

It felt so wonderful watching Theo and Sully roam outside all day with freedom and very few mama worries.  We had space, dense and tall and full of breath.  Theo was able to wander when things just got to be too much for him and let off steam in his own way by painting rocks, filling acorns with water for his fairy house, kicking his feet up on a tractor and sipping a cold drink.  Sully ran jubilantly or sat for endless moments poking rocks with a stick.  Paints were set up on a large rock for the week and whenever the boys wanted they found rocks and other natural objects and painted them, usually to be added to their fairy houses.  So much to do and explore.  So much time busying themselves with little or no help from me.  Not so much the case at home.

All this while the leaves gently shook over us like a baby's coos and the loons bellowed out their flute-like tunes from the lake below.

And in all this natural loveliness with our extended family loving my children so much, I felt a deep ache that something very big is missing in our lives.

Of course we cannot simply pick up and move to a property with a charming house and plentiful land right now, so I will do the best with what we have because this is what travel does for me: It opens my eyes to the possibility of more, and most importantly to appreciate what we have.


  1. Yes. Yes, I feel this intensely, too.

  2. Bolts of nature's fabric. Love it. And I know that deep ache...all too well. It's huge, missing that extended family in our modern lives.

  3. Sounds like a lovely place...a lovely vacation. I'm enjoying seeing in through your pictures and words.

  4. I love your pictures and I know exactly what you mean. I grew up in the country and now living just outside Boston it is a very different life. I struggle so much with raising our little boy here without the freedom and landscape that I enjoyed everyday. I try to appreciate what we do have- access to a great city, and also to get outside and go up to NH and VT and western MA whenever we can!

    xox Lilly

  5. these pictures are so telling. what a wonderful place. looks so quiet and serene. i would never want to leave. you are blessed to have that chance to travel and take such peaceful vacations. that is something i hope to be able to give isaac as he grows up.

    love this set of photos, katie!

  6. All your photos of Maine are absolutely beautiful!!! I haven't been there in years, and miss it terribly. It does something magical to our souls.

    For the kids to explore so freely is an amazing thing. Appreciating what we have is just as amazing. Something most forget to do.