Bristol, Maine

These photos were taken in Bristol on our way to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.  We stopped here to pick up lobsters to take out to the beach for a picnic lunch.  My sister and brother-in-law are the ones in front of the Lobster Co.  My handsome nephews are the other kiddos in the pics. As for that lobster I snapped a pic of, well the folks at the Lobster Co. believed it to be about 20 years old.  I of course was an advocate for putting him back in the sea.

How charming is this bay?  Actually, there wasn't a single coastal Maine town that I didn't find loaded with charm.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos of an insanely awesome place. At Pemaquid Lighthouse, did you see the monument to the ship Angel Gabriel? It was the ship that carried the first William Furber to America in 1600 something. His ship wrecked off the coast of Bristol and he swam to shore. Most of the crew drowned. His daughter, Olive Furber Kingman is who we named Olive after. We went to the plaque unveiling with five-month-old Olive for a Family reunion/celebration.
    Anyway - wow, too much info, eh? There's something about the feel and talk about a lobster dock, and you've somehow captured it in your pictures. Nice job. xoxo

    1. Jenn, what an amazing story. Pemaquid blew me away. It will be so amazing for Olive to visit there when she's older. A funny side story - The lighthouse keeper raised any eyebrow about letting Theo and Sully go to the top. He finally said that the young lad could go but the lass (Sully!) couldn't. ;)

  2. gorgeous photos, katie. what a story they tell.

  3. love these shots of maine :)

  4. Beautiful photos. No words necessary. You are getting me revved to visit my mom, who at least lives *near* a coast.

  5. AnonymousJuly 29, 2012

    I love how you captured this little harbor!! The pic of Austin is great!!! Would live a copy of that one!!! I'd also vote to let the 20yr old lobster return to the sea!! XO. L