Quiet beauty.

I am sitting at my desk, curtains drawn even though sun's shining, day's brimming.  My hair is wrapped in a beehive of permanent color foam.  The little ones are at the pool with Eric.  Robins and goldfinches chirp outside my window.  Occasionally the soulful sound from a mourning dove.  Cherry tree's leaves clap together applauding this day. 

The theme this week for 52 Weeks Photos Project is Shadow {8/52}.

I carry these words - supple and shaded - with me.  I fumble with them in the pockets of my mind like smooth shells.  Somewhere along the way I wandered on to this path of quiet beauty and it is a good place to be.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I always like your words. They make me think. What I am thinking of today, because you brought up the mind, is the shadows and light in my thoughts. So often, I let the shadows dominate, and yet they are there because there is light there, too.

  2. That last picture in particular is gorgeous

  3. Love your outlook. What a gorgeous view! I'm so excited to have stumbled across your blog via a comment you left on Bleubird! Happy to have found a new blog to follow.


  4. the path of quiet beauty...it's one on which i try to walk as well...
    {especially love the middle image}

  5. The middle one is my favorite!

  6. I do love your photos, and the calm - serene - story you weave.
    Thank you for linking up this week :)

  7. I can't believe you considered not blogging. Your writing is getting exquisite. And your photos are gorgeous, of course. Love.